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Posted by Vladas Vladas
These are screenshots of a small bug displaying forum members at

New members are hiding from People on the main menu of a forum:

Only 3 of 5 members are displaying as Nabble People

F5, ^R (Reload, Refresh) does not hep. But after clicking on Administrators tab, and then on Members tab again (not Back!) — all the five members appear:

All the 5 members appear after clicking Administrator, and on Members tab again.\

Programmer's note: a complete list of members will be retrieved by adding &filter=members to the URL. E.g.:
instead of

Many thanks Dainius Kaupaitis for the screenshots and explanation!

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Re: Nabble membership

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Nabble fixed this problem and made the following table of people status:

Tbale of people on Nabble

What is the difference in rights and status between: 0) people, 1) member, 2) registered user, 3) subscriber?

Table of subscribers on Nabble

I am sure only about 4) admin and 5) online. And I think all they could fit in one table with one status column (Web-only, email-only, admin), with only the tab to subscribe (corner icons indicate online or offline status).